Our beginnings

We are a company that focuses mainly on the development of industrial refrigeration solutions for a large range of food, chemical and petrochemical companies. We design, manufacture, assemble and start-up refrigeration systems for food processing and preservation purposes, according to the highest safety and quality standards. In the field of energy, we supply equipment for the treatment and compression of gas intended for multiple applications in the oil industry.

The company, born as a family project in the hands of Mr. Victorio Modenesi, an Italian industrial pioneer, has been in the market for the last 65 years, without interruption. For this reason, the company is nowadays an unavoidable benchmark for the advice of investment projects in the field of industrial refrigeration and petroleum gas.

In January 2000, the renowned company Howden Compressors Ltd. of GLASGOW (Scotland) appointed us as its exclusive representative and distributor in the Mercosur and neighboring countries, for the commercialization of its famous screw compressors.

In this way, the Howden brand becomes our first choice when it comes to packaged units. This offer is complemented with a line of our own branded heads, manufactured in our plant located in the city of Rafaela. We have the machinery required for machining our blocks and cutting our screws. This also allows us to repair any brand of screw rotors.

Considering that we move in a very sensitive area, due to the interaction with rapidly perishable goods (such as food) and elements able to suffer interruptions in their extraction process (such as the oil industry), in 2001 we founded an independent company called Mercofrío S.A. to meet the demand for after-sales services. This is the enterprise structure we have designed to achieve efficiency in the so demanding work we are committed to every day, that is to say, duly meeting our customers’ demands.

The ideals that define and sustain our organization are the following:
– To devote ourselves to our customers with enthusiasm and professionalism.
– To fulfil our customers’ specific demands with practical, smart and modern ideas.
– To carry out a responsible follow up service on the equipment we deliver, since the first sale to a customer and during the following years.

Please, take a look at our Vision, Mission, Values and Quality policy.

Our values

COMMITMENT: we approach the relationship with the customer as a solid long-term partnership in which both parties can grow and develop.
WORK CULTURE: we understand work as a human dignity factor, built with effort, dedication, commitment and responsibility.
IMMEDIATE RESPONSE: we strive to give quick answers, always.
BOLDNESS: we take action without fear of the difficulties that may be derived, permanently looking for new markets.
MOTIVATION: we work to form a committed and trained human team, assuring its members the conditions that promote their economic, personal and professional development.
HONESTY, SOLIDARITY AND TEAMWORK: we encourage a friendly working environment characterized by the trust in our peers, the transfer of knowledge and the teamwork. To that end, we value diversity and each person’s contribution.
CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: we celebrate and promote our collaborators’ initiative intended to achieve maximum efficiency, the best quality and an optimal job under safety, order and cleanliness conditions.
RESPECT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: we take care of our environment by promoting high efficiency, austerity and the use of ecological refrigerants.

Our mission

We are a company that develops efficient refrigeration solutions, which are customized and sustainable over time to aid in obtaining highest quality food. Being alert to our sector cutting-edge, we design refrigeration systems for processes and preservation purposes according to the highest safety and quality standards. In the field of energy, we explore innovative technological solutions to achieve maximum savings; we also strive to contribute to the development of gas & oil production and treatment in our country.

Our vision

To be a leading company in the Latin American market, renowned for its deep knowledge in refrigeration systems, the reliability of its products, its responsiveness and the commitment to its stakeholders.


Quality, environment, safety and occupational health policy

Revision N°3
The following policy is backed by our company’s highest officers and is stated taking into account the context in which our organization operates.
To encourage a comprehensive continuous improvement with the target to achieve efficient processes leading us to offer products and services of maximum quality at competitive prices. In that way, we reaffirm our commitment to meet the applicable requirements (including legal and regulatory ones).
To increase our customers’ satisfaction providing refrigeration solutions that are efficient, customized and sustainable over time. To that end, we are always alert to our sector cutting-edge.
To promote our collaborators’ well-being, assuring them favorable and safe working conditions, as well as a participative and motivating work environment.
To take care of our environment, minimizing the impact of the activities we develop, assuring a conscious resource management and promoting an environmental sustainable development.