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In 2001, we founded another company called “Mercofrío S.A., in order to duly meet our customers’ demands as regards maintenance and spare parts. Indeed, Mercofrío S.A. is exclusively devoted to the after-sales service.

About us

We are a company that focuses mainly on the development of industrial refrigeration solutions for a large range of food, chemical and petrochemical companies.
We design, manufacture, assemble and start-up refrigeration systems for food processing and preservation purposes, according to the highest safety and quality standards. In the field of energy, we supply equipment for the treatment of gas & oil intended for multiple applications.

Such different activities have one thing in common: gas compression technology.

Exclusive representative of Howden.

In January 2000, the renowned company Howden Compressors Ltd. of GLASGOW (Scotland) appointed us as its exclusive representative and distributor in the Mercosur and neighboring countries, for the commercialization of its famous screw compressors.

Howden. Exclusive representative and assembler for Latin America.

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